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February 13th 2017 - As of today, The Shooting Edge Inc has acquired


As a thank you to the many thousands of customers has received over the years, we’re pleased to provide you all with a time-limited discount at The Shooting Edge.

Coupon code: AmmoKate

This coupon code will give you 5% off firearms and 10% off ammo and accessories at  online store.




·         Will I still be able to place an order on the Website?

o   No, please head to The Shooting Edge to place orders for your firearms, ammo and accessories!

·         I have an outstanding order; will this still be processed?

o   Yes.  If you have any questions please reply via email to your order confirmation email.

·         What will happen to my data, such as PAL information and shipping details/history?

o   Your data will not be transferred to The Shooting Edge.  Any data provided to will be destroyed according to Canadian Data Protection laws and CRA requirements.

·         Will your retail space in SE Calgary still be trading?

o   No.  We encourage you to head over to The Shooting Edge and check out their new retail space!